Districts, Roads, Open Space

Coming Autumn 2022

Districts Roads Open Spaces

Districts, Roads, Open Space is the third album from Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan.

Becoming more experimental, and more protracted, the music captures the open spaces, and the connections of town planning.

More than previous albums, this captures the loneliness, emptiness and desolation of open spaces. 


Expected release date Autumn 2022
Label Castles in Space
Pressings Light green vinyl
Green camouflage vinyl (Bandcamp exclusive)
CD digipack
Track Title Length
A1 Golden Square 13m 33s
A2 Community Square 7m 44s
B1 Old Hall 4m 39s
B2 Locking Stumps 6m 19s
B3 The Key To A New Home Of Your Own 8m 06s
B4 Buzby’s Lullaby 3m 24s

This album is not currently available on any platforms beyond Bandcamp.

It will never be on Spotify.