Building A New Town EP

Album cover of the Building A New Town EP

With the Building A New Town EP, Gordon Chapman-Fox takes the Warrington-New Town Development Plan back to the early 1970s. Across these four tracks, Gordon adds guitars – played and sampled – to his usual epic sonic landscapes.

The new towns claimed the perfect suburban life in a green paradise with spacious parks and tree-lined boulevards. This chimed with post-hippy ideals of returning to nature and living The Good Life. The music filters through inspirations such as Pentangle, Mike Oldfield and early Tangerine Dream.

This EP will be released on the Castles In Space label on Friday, 25 August 2023, on a deluxe gold and autumn-leaves 12” splatter vinyl.

Records Of The Year / August 2023
Drift Records


Modern industrialized society is filled with ghosts. Chapman-Fox has found some of them and given them a voice. The results are dramatic and chilling, lasting long after the record ends.
Bandcamp Daily
The richness of his visionary music is becoming progressively more enticing. A must for 2023.
Shindig Magazine
The biggest open secret in the vinyl flinging biz.
Norman Records


No. Song title Length
A01 A Fresh Dawn For North Cheshire 4m 24s
A02 The View From Halton Castle 3m 32s
B03 Solid Foundations 3m 43s
B04 The Cornerstone 4m 17s

Vinyl pressings

Pressing Date Description Copies
First pressing Autumn 2023 Autumn gold splatter 1,200 copies