Gordon on a stairwell

Gordon Chapman-Fox was born in the 1970s and spent his childhood re-enacting Star Wars to the sounds of Jean-Michel Jarre against the backdrop of the last gasp of the space-race. Gordon has been making electronic music since 2003 under various names and labels. Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan is his latest project.

Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan has seen three albums released to critical and popular acclaim under the much respected Castles In Space imprint.

The first album, Interim Report, March 1979 was released in February 2021, and made the Top 20 of Electronic Sound magazine’s albums of the year.

The second album, People & Industry, received equally good reviews and sold out quickly. 

A fourth album is due in May 2023.


Modern industrialized society is filled with ghosts. Chapman-Fox has found some of them and given them a voice. The results are dramatic and chilling, lasting long after the record ends.
Bandcamp Daily

A potentially overwhelming experience for anyone ever separated from their mum in a crumbling multi-storey car park.
Electronic Sound

An onboarding seminar for a distant time and place, when specks on the map of England had enormous cooling towers on their horizons

An eerie, beautifully crafted vision of a future that never was.



(C)2023 Gordon Chapman-Fox