People & Industry album cover

People & Industry

The follow up to Interim Report, March 1979 provides a soundtrack to industry, employment and life in Warrington-Runcorn at the tail end of the 1970s.

Interim Report, March 1979 album cover

Interim Report, March 1979

Commisioned to soundtrack a film to publicise the work of the Committee in providing a thriving cultural life for the residents of the new estates of Warrington and Runcorn.

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Live at FoxFest

Live at FoxFest

Three standalone ambient jams created for the FoxFest 2022 online streaming festival.

Blue Scream album cover

Blue Scream

Blue Scream is a 17 track compilation album from Werra Foxma Records, featuring the very best of the current indie electronic scene.

Live for Emotion Wave

Live for Emotion Wave

Originally performed live for an Emotion Wave fundraising telethon in an abridged version.

The Isolation Tapes

The Isolation Tapes

Castles in Space brings you a stunning collection of new music recorded in isolation during the COVID19 lockdown