Live At Iklectik Art Lab, May 2023

Live At Iklectik

A 12” live EP recorded over two performances at Iklectik Art Lab during the afternoon and evening of 13th May, 2023. Afternoon Performance: Just Off The M56 (J12), Rocksavage, Thelwall Viaduct Evening Performance: The Cornerstone, London’s Moving Our Way.

Available exclusively through Rough Trade and through the Castles In Space Subscription Library.


In this album, Chapman-Fox manages to encapsulate the sense of something much bigger than oneself, like the overwhelming feeling of being lost in an unfamiliar land. As an album, I believe that it arguably could be just as fitting for a dystopian-esc sci-fi as Vangelis’ Bladerunner.
Rough Trade


No.Song titleLength
A01Just Off The M56 (J12) / Rocksavage6m 10s
A02Thelwall Viaduct5m 02s
B01The Cornerstone / London’s Moving Our Way12m 48s

Vinyl pressings

First pressingDecember 2023Black vinyl – Rough Trade Exclusive500 copies
First pressingDecember 2023White vinyl – Castles In Space Subscription Library Exclusive700 copies