People & Industry

People & Industry album cover

The follow up to Interim Report, March 1979 provides a soundtrack to industry, employment and life in Warrington-Runcorn at the tail end of the 1970s.

Nine new tracks celebrate the work and communities that surrounded the Warrington-Runcorn area, from the petrochemical plant at Weston Point to the cutting-edge Parkside Colliery at Newton-le-Willows.

The album was out on 3rd September 2021 on coloured vinyl and digital formats from Castles in Space and records stores across the UK.

Electronic Sound review
Interview with Bob Fischer for The Haunted Generation


It’s retro-futurism as head-shaking social comment, a heartrending experience. An album of stained overalls and shattered pride.
Electronic Sound
An onboarding seminar for a distant time and place, when specks on the map of England had enormous cooling towers on their horizons.
A sequel every bit as dazzling and mysterious as its predecessor. Rarely, if ever, has decay and decline sounded so addictive and beautiful. Essential.
Kickingmachine, Bandcamp


No. Song title Length
A01 Fanfare For The Working Man 1m 04s
A02 Built By Robots 3m 50s
A03 Petrochemical 5m 03s
A04 This Is The Age Of The Train 2m 36s
A05 Man And Manufacturing 6m 00s
B06 Part Of The Union 5m 12s
B07 Polytechnic 4m 14s
B08 Eye See Eye 4m 57s
B09 Managed Decline 3m 50s
C10 Aerospace (bonus track via Bandcamp and CD only) 6m 02s
C11 Industrial Zone (bonus track via Bandcamp and CD only) 3m 57s

Vinyl pressings

Pressing Date Description Copies
First pressing September 2021 Blue and white marble vinyl 700 copies
First pressing September 2021 Red and white marble vinyl 300 copies
Second pressing October 2022 Transparent blue vinyl 500 copies