WFR Dark

WFR Dark

Leave the lights off, and the headphones on. It’s time for WFR Dark. 

We figured that it would be appropriate to musically honour and embrace the fact that it’s the season for dark mornings and even darker nights. 

WFR Dark is a tight and coherent collection of new, exclusive tracks from artists who truly embrace the darker, more melancholy side of the electronic sound palette. 

We are blessed to have contributions from WFR alumni such as Salvatore Mercatante, Mike K Smith, Autumna and Dohnavùr (by way of a startling remix from BMH), and from not-too-distant friends of the label, such as Everyday Dust, Number Stations, Ireless, and the living legend that is Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan. 

Every penny from the sale of WFR Dark will be reinvested into the label, and we thank all the musicians who have delivered the most incredible soundscapes for you to enjoy as the nights draw in.