2023 album variants

There’s a lot of music coming your way soon, and just to clear up any confusion, here’s a definitive guide!

The Nation’s Most Central Location

The Nation’s Most Central Location, the new album, comes in three vinyl variants, and will also be available on CD. The vinyl variants are all stunning to look at, so not one of them is a poor relation of the others. The three variants are:

Orange with black smoke

This edition is exclusive to Rough Trade records, and comes with a signed postcard. Preorder it here.

Transparent orange

The transparent orange edition is exclusive to the Castles In Space Bandcamp. It will come with a postcard, unsigned, but with a different design to the Rough Trade edition.

This edition will go live at 8am on Friday 19 May 2023. Order it here.

Vibrant, solid orange

The vibrant, solid orange variety is the “standard” edition, and is available to preorder from independent record stores across the UK. It will also be available from the Castles In Space Bandcamp.

Districts, Roads, Open Space

The repress of 2022’s Districts, Road, Open Space will be available on 19 May 2023, at the same time as The Nation’s Most Central Location.

Toxic sludge edition

The toxic sludge edition is a swirl of gold and purple vinyl. It will be available as an exclusive edition through Rough Trade records with a signed postcard.

Smokey grey edition

The smokey grey edition will feature wisps of black through clear vinyl. This will be available through independent record stores and the Castles In Space Bandcamp.

Interim Report, March 1979

Coming later in 2023 will be a repress of Interim Report, March 1979. The repress of Interim Report will come in a deluxe gatefold edition, in two vinyl variants (still to be confirmed).

As with the others, there will be a Rough Trade exclusive edition with a signed postcard and an additional 7″ of two tracks left over from the original sessions. Those two tracks will be added to the Bandcamp digital edition, so all owners of the album from Bandcamp will receive the two bonus tracks added to their accounts.

Building A New Town EP

This EP, set in 1974 in the Warrington-Runcorn timeline, will be available later in the year. This four track EP will be available on a golden autumn leaves vinyl colour.