Interim Report, March 1979: special edition

Interim Report, March 1979 Special Edition

Coming on 20 October 2023, Castles In Space is releasing a special edition of the first Warrington-Runcorn album, Interim Report, March 1979.

Taken from a new vinyl master, the record will be pressed on heavyweight vinyl. The album will come in a new gatefold sleeve, and accompanied by an exclusive 7″ of two songs taken from the original sessions for the album.

The new tracks – Weston Point and Weaver Navigation were never included at the time of the original album, and have been dusted off for this special edition.

If you have already bought the album, and just want to get these two new bonus tracks, you can buy just the single by itself. Also, if you have bought the album from Bandcamp, the two new tracks will be added to the digital version of the album for free.

What are the variations?

The album comes in solid white vinyl with a yellow egg yolk in the centre. This version will be accompanied with a solid white 7″ single.

The other variation is a transparent yellow vinyl with a solid black egg yolk in the centre. This version will come with a matching transparent yellow single.

The single by itself comes in solid yellow vinyl.

The album will also be available on CD, and, for the first time, on cassette.

The two new tracks will be added to the digital version of the album on Bandcamp.

Where can I buy it?

All variations of the album can be bought at the Castles In Space Bandcamp.

The white egg yolk version of the vinyl will also be available at Rough Trade in an exclusive edition with a signed postcard.

The yellow black spot version will be available at other independent record stores, such as Norman Records, Bleep, Piccadilly Records, Drift, Resident, Action Records and many more.

When can I get it?

Independent record stores may offer a pre-order. The orders from the Castles In Space Bandcamp will be live on Friday 20 October from 8am (London time). Castles In Space will not offer a pre-order.