The Nation’s Most Central Location: update

Thank you so much for all of your support and sales of The Nation’s Most Central Location (TNMCL). We genuinely did not anticipate the demand would be as intense as it was.

For the previous album, Districts, Roads, Open Space (DROS) we had 1,300 vinyl copies and 300 CDs. These took 2-3 weeks to sell out.

We knew demand would be higher for TNMCL, so had 2,000 vinyl records and 500 CDs. We ordered this many in the knowledge that they would probably sell out, but only after a couple of weeks, as with DROS.

In the end, the album effectively sold out in 3 days. There are still copies out there to be found in the smaller independent record shops, but it appears to be sold out in all the larger stores.

Firstly, thank you!

Secondly, on the Monday after the launch of the album, we ordered another 2,000 vinyl copies from the pressing plant. We will have these in stores and online as soon as we can. This should hopefully be within 3 or 4 months. The repress copies will be in solid white vinyl and solid ice blue vinyl.

We have noticed some people reselling multiple copies on Ebay and Discogs at vastly inflated prices. If you really want the vinyl, please just wait for the repress. Please don’t give these scalpers the encouragement. Other than colour, there is no difference between the copies.

Thank you for your support.