The Stone Tape – Analysing A Ghost By Electronic Means

The Stone Tape

Christmas Day 2022 marked 50 years since the original broadcast of the ground-breaking BBC supernatural thriller, ‘The Stone Tape’, written by Nigel Kneale.  In early 2023 Hidden Britain commissioned a group of UK based musicians to produce a new piece of work inspired by this extraordinary 1972 TV film.  The result is a 16 track […]

Moonbuilding Sprung 2023

Moonbuilding 3

Having successfully navigated the difficult second issue, Moonbuilding returns with a dazzling Issue 3. Edited by former Electronic Sound commissioning ed Neil Mason and published by Colin Morrison’s Castles In Space label, the first two issues went down pretty well. No reason to think this new one will be any different…  … especially as the […]

WFR Dark

WFR Dark

WFR Dark by Werra Foxma Records Leave the lights off, and the headphones on. It’s time for WFR Dark.  We figured that it would be appropriate to musically honour and embrace the fact that it’s the season for dark mornings and even darker nights.  WFR Dark is a tight and coherent collection of new, exclusive […]

Moonbuilding Autumn Collection

Moonbuilding Vol.2

The first issue of Moonbuilding, which touched down back in May, was one of those finger in the wind, run it up the flagpole and see who salutes sort of projects. The A5, 48-page full-colour title, put together by former Electronic Sound commissioning editor Neil Mason and published by Colin Morrison’s Castles In Space label, […]

Moonbuilding v1

Moonbuilding Vol.1

Moonbuilding is a Castles In Space magazine that comes with a CD compilation in each issue.

Live at FoxFest

Live at FoxFest

Three standalone ambient jams created for the FoxFest 2022 online streaming festival.

Blue Scream

Blue Scream album cover

Blue Scream is a 17 track compilation album from Werra Foxma Records, featuring the very best of the current indie electronic scene.

Live for Emotion Wave

Live for Emotion Wave

Originally performed live for an Emotion Wave fundraising telethon in an abridged version.

The Isolation Tapes

The Isolation Tapes

Castles in Space brings you a stunning collection of new music recorded in isolation during the COVID19 lockdown