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Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan

Interim Report, March 1979

Coming in February 2021 on limited edition yellow vinyl and digital formats via Castles in Space records.

Interim Report

March 1979

The Warrington-Runcorn Development Committee commisioned this music in early 1979 as the soundtrack of a short film to publicise the work of the Committee in providing a thriving cultural life for the residents of the new estates of Warrington and Runcorn. Excerpts were shown later that year on BBC’s Nationwide.

1979 marked a change in the political and wider culture of British society. The Warrington-Runcorn development marks the swan song of post-war urban planning in the UK – soon the ethos of building better communities would be replaced by Thatcherite “no such thing as society” greed. And look where that got us.

The Microchip and Your Home

The Microchip and Your Home

Coming soon on Woodford Halse

As we move into the exciting world of the 1980s, this decade will see the microchip enter our lives. Not just in the workplace, the microcomputer will revolutionise home life, schools, colleges and more. The stunning new advance in technology will reform your home, alowing you to type letter with ease, calculate your expenses and even bring entertainment into the home with “video gaming”.

The Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan are on hand to guide you in this exciting new world, with a series of short films that will take you through the basics of home computing. With films on the equipment you will need, setting up and programming your first database.

Other appearances

Live for Emotion Wave

Recorded for an Emotion Wave Telethon in aid of the Trussell Trust in December 2020. This 32 minute live set was recorded in one take.

The Isolation Tapes

This new compilation gathers together over 60 artists for an album recorded during the COVID19 lockdown and raising money for the Cavell Trust, helping nurses and ex-nurses.

Transmission Mix

A mix featuring a selection of tracks from forthcoming Castles in Space releases. Originally created for Simon Tucker’s Transmission radio show airing on Radio Free Matlock.


Gordon Chapman-Fox was born in time to be a part of the last gasp of childhood to be enthralled by the space-race and spent his childhood re-enacting Star Wars to the sounds of Jean-Michel Jarre. Gordon has been making electronic music since 2003 as Heskin Radiophonic, and more lately as Dublock.